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Anti-ragging Committee

S. No. Name & E-mail of Faculty Member Designation & Deptt Designation in Anti Ragging Committee Mobile No
1 Dr G L Sharma
Principal, AIMSR Chairman 7527011301
2 Dr Navita Aggarwal
Prof & HOD, Anatomy Convener 9855424777
3 Dr Gunjan Bala
Assistant Professor Co-convener 9417090616
4 Dr Rajinderjit Singh Ahi
Prof & HOD, Biochemistry Member 9914118349
5 Dr Navtej Singh
Professor, Pathology Member 9463232244
6 Dr V. M. Malhotra
Professor, SPM Member 9872366168
7 Dr Ramit Gupta
Assistant Prof, Psychiatry Member 9464002799
8 Dr Navneet Saini
Supdt, Girls Hostel Member 9501176675
9 Dr Harijot Singh Bhattal
Supdt, Boys Hostel Member 9888242024
10 Dr D.S Grewal
Chief Librarian Member 9855575073
11 Mr Prem Lal
Deputy Manager (SS) Member 9814041118
12 Mr Tarsem Singh Warden Boys Hostel
Member 9805141607
13 Ms Mandeep Kaur Warden Girls Hostel
Member 9914819723
14 Dr Rawanjit Kaur Brar Representative of the parents Member 9814169921
15 Mr Manoj Kumar
Asstt. Office Supdt.
Estt Branch (Ex Officio)
Member 9463033655
16 Mr Kabir Dalal (18066)
MBBS Batch 2018 (Male) Students Representative 7000826119
17 Ms Tanisha Thapar (18135)
MBBS Batch 2018 (Female) Students Representative 9815390355
  • Anti Ragging Committee of Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Bathinda for the Session 2013-14 is constituted as under :-
  • College Anti Ragging Committee will meet every week on Monday at 3.00 PM or next working day in case of holiday & a non working day in the College Council Room.
  • In case of any reported incident/complaint, an emergency meeting can be called by the convener at any time.
  • Complaint against ragging if any shall be addressed to the Convener Anti Ragging Committee at his office, Department of Pathology, AIMSR, Bathinda.
  • Duty roster for duties in hostels will be published by the Convener of the Committee and will be forwarded to the Chairman, Central Anti Ragging Committee by 31.08.2013.
  • Duty roster will not be changed without the consent of the Convener of the Anti Ragging Committee.
  • Individuals on duty will submit written report to the convener of Anti Ragging Committee after performing their duties.
  • All students will carry ID card while in the campus all the times failing which they may be penalized.
  • Library timings will be from 08.30AM to 04.00 PM for the freshers.
  • Hostel timings including meal timing shall be notified by the respective hostel supdt. In their notice board.
  • All fresher will dine in the separate dining room during the specified hours. Warden will be present during that period.
  • Awareness will be generated in the fresher’s on 1st day during formal address by the Principal.
  • Regular scrutiny will be carried out to detect unreported ragging.
  • Proforma for reporting incidence of ragging will be distributed to all freshers. They will submit their forms duly filled in case any incidence of ragging.
  • Action will be taken against students who indulge in ragging to the entire satisfaction of the victim or their parents.
  • Hostel supdt will examine the contents of Anti Ragging complaints/suggestion box kept in hostel daily at 09.00AM and report to the Convener if any complaint of ragging is found. Record of opening of complaint box will be kept & brought by hostel supdt in weekly meetings.
  • Services of Dr P.D. Bansal Prof & Head (Psychiatry) AIMSR, Bathinda will be available for personal counseling to the students.
  • Definition of ragging as given by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Shall be displayed prominently in college campus at various places like, Hostel, Canteen & College Notice Board.
  • To make students at home one faculty member will act as a mentor to a group of 15 students in the college. The Students will freely interact with these teachers and consult for any kind of personal, private, Inter personal and academic problems.
  • These teachers will also enquire the welfare of students themselves. They shall submit weekly reports to the Convener Anti-Ragging Committee regarding interaction with students.
  • As far as possible, freshers should be segregated from seniors in hostels in separate floors earmarked for them. Separate dining area should also be ear-marked for them.
  • No senior student will be allowed in the floor/room/varanda/dining room of hostel earmarked for fresh students.
  • Security guard will remain on duty in floor of freshers and will not allow any senior student to enter that floor.
  • If fresher is not able to identify the senior, who has indulged in ragging, he will contact the Training Branch/Student’s Section of their College/Other Colleges, where the photograph of senior students will be shown to him/her, with name for identification.
  • Freshers will be advised not to enter any other floor/room for the hostel in their own interest.
  • Relevant abstract from the prospectus regarding discipline and proper conduct shall be displayed.
  • One security man shall always be available at the main entrance of Boys hostel and second security man will be at floor of freshers.
  • Proper record of students coming late night (after 10:00PM) will be maintained by Hostel Superintendents.
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